Sunday, October 10, 2010

To Eat or Not to Eat....

Well, at least that's what my boys say! 
     Have you ever bought a cookbook or cooking magazine just to find out that when you get it home, there are only like 4-5 recipes that even "look" good enough to make??
(of course, I never buy a cookbook that doesn't have pictures of every recipe!  It's got to at least look like it tastes good!) 
     So, I decided to create this blog for the purpose of trying new, tasty, easy (prep. time) recipes that are sure to please the family.  (I certainly don't promise to write here everyday but I will try to make every effort to do so!)
     I have always enjoyed cooking but have been "blessed" with having just two boys still at home along with my husband and that, indeed, is quite a monumental herd to feed.
You see, my husband won't eat anything that has cheese.  So when I have a recipe I try to substitute with mozzarella cheese (that, he can stomach) or create a casserole with only one half of the pan with cheese and the other not.  Then, to top things off, my boys are very picky about what they eat and hate eating anything that we've already had in the last 2 months. LOL
I should probably tell them of this famous quote,

              "A hungry stomach seldom scorns plain food".

So, my task will be to create a meal with all the fixins and post the recipes along with pictures and maybe even preparation pictures for y'all to see and hopefully incorporate into
your busy lives
     And, yes,  I did add the word "Frugal" to my Saucey Texan site which means I will probably be posting frugal ideas/recipes that are easy on the wallet.  After all, in this
economy who isn't willing to try to save a dollar (not penny...inflation you know) here and there.

And for now, Frugal Saucey Texan says, "Dig In", folks!

(It may take me a while to get the hang of this blogger site so please be patient and return
often!)   *Ü*

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